10 Essentials To Bring To Fitness Model Competition

Have you ever seen two fitness competitors with similar outfits and both trying to avoid each other because of the awkwardness? Actually, what they feel is upsetting and a bit of disappointment. This is normal in any kind of fitness competition. That’s why the preparation of a fit model for a contest becomes tough and challenging. A lot of things need to be taken into consideration to avoid such kind of desperation and hopelessness. One of the best ways is to carry the appropriate things in a fitness backpack. The 10 items include:


  1. Yourself

Of course it’s not possible to fix yourself in a fitness backpack, but never forget take yourself to the contest. Take with you your best photos, business cards, and marketing stuff.

  1. Money

You don’t need to be a genius to know that you need finances to attend a fitness competition. Emergencies or even some necessary payments may arise.

  1. Costumes

In some competitions, any costumes. It is good to carry at least two different costumes. This gives you a back-up plan in case of one outfit getting spoilt or if another contestant comes with a similar one.

  1. Foods and drinks

Ensure that you have enough snacks and refreshing drinks. You will need them for energizing and hydrating you body. Carbs are essentially good for energy so as to keep a competitor active throughout the tough day. Drinks revitalize the body fluids that get used up during the fitness contest.

  1. Tanning chemicals and make-ups

Te stage lighting can be extreme such that it may make your skin tan to wear off. Thus, a competitor needs to carry things such as bronzer, oil, tan, etc. Ensure that the facial make up matches your skin tone. This will avoid embarrassments brought by a ghost face and weird photos. Carry your brushes, hair sprays, combs for preparations at the backstage.

  1. Jewelry

Appropriate jewelry portrays a certain style and glams up a models outfit. They are also perfect accessories for showing off after the ceremony.


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